• 14-inch HD large interactive screen

  • High quality amplifier & speaker system

  • Navigation and obstacle avoidance 

  • Facial recognition in milliseconds

  • Greeting, Leading customers & cruising

  • Smart voice dialogue and conversation

  • Support custom Q&A

  • Exhibition guidance & marketing and promotion 

  • Teleconferencing & remote monitoring via App

  • Lobby temperature check & Visitor registration 

  • Family doctor, health management

  • Function expansion capability

14-inch high-definition large screen

A smoother visual experience

14-inch large screen, high-definition resolution, brings a more shocking visual experience.

6-microphone ring array

360° precise pickup

The middle area at the top of the head integrates the voice interaction area (6MIC) and the touch wake-up area (the middle ring button), supplemented by concave and convex function shortcut buttons, one-click follow, convenient and fast.

HD wide-angle dual-shot combination

The remote video is clear without blind spots

48-megapixel wide-angle camera: Wide field of view, no blind spots, and unobstructed details; ISO is 4 times that of ordinary cameras, and night vision is even more amazing.

Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core CPU

Excellent performance, surging experience

Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, one of the powerful SOC chips in the Android camp, the comprehensive performance benchmark data of the AnTuTu platform is 26.5W.

Self-charging, cycle service

  • When the low battery
    charge is less than 10%, it will automatically return to the charging pile to charge.

  • Timed charging
    can be set from 23:00 to 7:00.

  • The battery life is
    4.5 hours of charging and 9 hours of work.

Hi-Fi Subwoofer

Harman Kardon-class shocking sound

Created by the original Harman Kardon team, it skillfully integrates high-fidelity audio in the mid-high and low-frequency bands, with a larger sound and richer layers. The sound field is wide, allowing you to feel the immersive sound of the sound. The bass part is deep and thick, bringing you a more shocking and surging experience.

Iconic UFO chassis

Suitable for small scene applications

Drawing on the practical experience of 10,000+ family products, Leopard Little Secret, the lidar has a 240-degree scanning range, and the minimum diameter of the chassis is 41cm. Navigation has been realized on the Qualcomm computing platform.

Abundant peripheral expansion space

Both sides of the robot are equipped with RMB expansion board/EIB expansion board/support external USB/Type-C


Functional expansion modules and equipment to meet diverse secondary development needs

Intelligent Robot Professional Service Provider

Native Cantonese speaker. Facial Recognition. AI interactive. Intelligent Deleted: marketing

Voice interaction + touch screen control with strong Q&A function build-in

Powerful extension of plug-in functions

AI patrol functions, attract customers and act as a tour guide

AI road recognition can avoid obstacles easily

Auto-charging at low battery level, operate continuously in daytime

Real-time data for easy management and analysis

  • Overall size 410mm*410mm*1000mm
  • Product Weight 21.1kg
  • Product color Starry White/Starry Night Black
  • screen size 14 inch
  • Package dimensions 520mm*520mm*1100mm
  • Charging pile size 204mm*221mm*251mm
System and performance
  • microphone 6-microphone ring array
  • Screen Resolution 1920*1080px
  • operating system Based on Androld9
  • screen size 14 inch
  • Protection level IP23
Network and charging
  • communication method WI-FI: 2.4G / 5G / 4G
  • lithium battery 10.4 Ah , 25.2 V

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