Commercial scrubber


  • Unmanned robot with scrubbing, sweeping, dust mopping, 3-stage water recycling & auto-charging

  • Advanced safety & obstacle avoidance system with LIDAR, depth camera, ultrasonic sensors and touch bumper

  • Create and store the map(s) of the site and execute planned cleaning tasks automatically

  • Maximize cleaning coverage that reaches edges & corners 3cm from the wall

  • Pass through 90cm width area

  • Save up to 2,000L of water every month

  • Up to 1,500 sqm per hour cleaning coverage

  • Return to charging dock automatically when low on battery

  • Automatically generate cleaning report and machine status

  • Can be upgraded with a sanitizer backpack (Optional)

  • With work station (Optional) to charge, refill and drain itself automatically

50_主相 45度


Intelligent Robot Professional Service Provider

Multi-channel management. Geological adaptation. Clean without dead ends. Intelligent three defenses

Unmanned operation

Intelligent scheduling, timing start, automatic recharge

Multi-channel management: voice, touch screen, APP

Autonomous mapping, continuous scanning at breakpoints, multi-sensor, cloud real-time management

Intelligent three defenses: anti-collision, anti-skid, anti-fall

Original sewage recycling system

Technical Specification

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