About Intellego

  • Founded in 2011

  • Headquartered in Solna, Sweden

  • All products are made in Sweden and verified by RISE – the Swedish Institute

  • Member of International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA)

  • UVA Healthcare/UV Working Group (ANSI Standard, N95 Mask Decontamination Working Group)

  • Received 2020 C. Diff Foundation Infection Prevention Innovation Award

  • In North America, our products are completed through our partner Med Alliance in Sycamore, Illinois

AI Robotics Solutions

How to use

UVC dosimeter, using a patented UV-sensitive material that changes color when exposed to UV-C energy, so you can independently verify your equipment and perform procedures to see if the optimal UVGI dose is being delivered to the surface .

UVC Dosimeters Trusted by Industry Leaders Worldwide
Our colorimetric dosimeters visibly change color when exposed to UV-C, from an initial yellow to orange to a deep pink. The color change correlates with the accumulated UV radiation level, which helps the user determine if the surface has received enough UV-C to kill bacteria, viruses and spores.

Study confirms need for measuring and monitoring UV-C equipment

Bunsen-Rothko Law In the 19th century, the Bunsen-Roscoe research group discovered that the biological effects of light energy are directly related to the total energy or dose delivered, regardless of how it is administered. This means that the biological effect in question, ie the reduction of microorganisms, is fundamentally related to the total mJ/cm2 delivered. Lamp power, distance and exposure time are not critical, as long as the UV-light irradiation provides the required dose of UV-C for sterilization.

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