Hypochlorous acid disinfectant

Anti-epidemic must!

Stronger and lasting than bleach, mild in nature, harmless to humans and animals

Concentrated stock solution

Diluted 1:6 for 35L use

Buy 2 special repack deliver goods

  • Ion Exchange Sterilization dose
  • Manufacture from ion exchange technology
  • Non-chemical with no chemical reaction, no conversion required
  • PH value + 6.5 . do not contain alcohol
  • High dosage Chlorine disinfectant, Chlorine content 250 mg/L
  • Mild and non-irritating, Oral non-toxic, non- irritating to mouth and eye
  • Kill gems in seconds, good for pregnant and babies
  • Not only kills gems in the air, also purify formaldehyde
  • Hypochlorous acid aqueous solution, only Chlorine disinfectant allow to be used inside a car by list of National Disinfectant Products
  • Effective in killing 99.9999% of germs, 90% of formaldehyde: PH value 6.5, No side effect, non-irritating, no smell, non- irritating to mouth and eye, food grade, FDA and CE approved.
  • During disinfection process, will also clean the air-conditioning system filters and core free of gems, hence will extend the product life of the air-conditioning system
  • Approved by Government in China to be used in all trains and airplanes under 100ml in size.
Harmless to humans and animals, mild in nature

US FDA listed food grade Sterilizing Supplies

Safety Well-recognized internationally

Professional medical staff and media in Hong Kong confirmed that it is safe and effective

The principle of killing

Hypochlorous acid vs bacteria

Cross bacterial cell membranes, with oxidative properties, destroy DNA and ribosomes, maximizing destroy bacteria

Hypochlorous acid vs virus

Oxidize the lipid envelope of the viral protein coat, destroy the core DNA/RNA, and completely remove the virus eradication

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