Anti-epidemic security robot


  • Security patrolling for large areas

  • Precise mapping and autonomous schedule routing

  • Built-in high-resolution and thermal cameras for human and fire monitoring even in the dark

  • 180 degree Pan/Tilt head/camera movement

  • Built-in microphone, speaker and headlights for real time monitoring and communication with human.

  • Remote monitoring, control and alarm alert for human and fire

  • Support Wi-Fi and 4G connection (5g option)

  • Dedicated Apps for operation

  • Fully autonomous operation and obstacle avoidance

  • Detection of intruders with real time video communication to check out status

  • Smoke and fire detection

  • Broadcast announcement

  • Automatic recording and retrieval of footage remotely

  • Autonomous charging with dedicated docking

  • Optional: Turnstile control with controller installed

  • Optional: Elevator control for cross-floor patrolling


Application scenes

  • Security patrolling for large areas, shopping mall complex, commercial buildings, factory and warehouse etc.

  • Cross-floor patrolling

  • Turnstile control

  • Scheduled tasks automatically, reduce operation cost

  • Automatic alarm alert to designated person if smoke, fire and intruder detected

Product description

Product Introduction

Automatic charging

Each logical task ends The robot automatically returns to the charging point to charge

Head movement

180-degree flexible Pan/Tilt head, high-definition and thermal cameras with recording

White headlights

Long-distance strong lighting, no dead ends at night

Two-wheel differential

Suspension chassis, high passability

Autonomous navigation

The robot can build an indoor map with one click, and can accurately locate the map, dynamically perceive and analyze the surrounding environment information, and plan a better patrol route.

Elevator interaction

Optional: can be equipped with an intelligent elevator control and access control modules to unimpededly access between different floors and turnstile gates respectively.

  • Size (W*H*L) 650*700*670mm
  • Robot net weight 24KG
  • Screen size 5.5 inches
  • Battery capacity 12800mAh
  • Charging time 4hours
  • Operation Time 10 hours
  • Automatic charging function support

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