Next-generation marketing delivery robot

New experience, more peace of mind, more efficient


Why choose Meal-botPRO?

More humanized interactive experience

More efficient delivery efficiency


More professional marketing promotion mode


More open software and hardware expansion capability

Innovative customer acquisition and seating arrangement method

New capabilities can be adapted to more scenarios

The Meal-botPRO has 170° 3D and 240° panoramic obstacle recognition capabilities, while visual positioning capabilities are enhanced, reducing the blind spots and recognizing small object obstacles. Its sensitivity to suspended object identification is further improved with bottom-view RGBD technology, providing excellent ground perception and avoiding low obstacles and foot collisions.





Entertainment venue

Medical institution


More user-friendly

Create interactive opportunities and recommend precise content

Equipped with an industry-leading 6-microphone wake-up array, it has a 5-meter audio pickup range. Even in a 75dB noise environment, the voice recognition rate can reach up to 94%, with precise and reliable voice recognition. The high-fidelity audio system provides a high-quality audio experience.

Fluent voice interaction, easy communication with robots

The industry-leading 6-microphone wake-up array has a 5-meter pickup range, with a voice recognition rate as high as 94% even in a 75dB noise environment. The voice recognition is precise and reliable, and the high-fidelity sound system provides a high-quality audio experience.

Higher Pro

Delivery efficiency

Equipped with a new and upgraded sensor layout, the visual positioning capability is enhanced, and the blind spots are further reduced. With perfect ground perception, it can avoid low obstacles and collision risks, achieving higher delivery efficiency.

170° 3D and 240° planar all-round obstacle recognition. Capable of identifying small obstacles and responding quickly and accurately, achieving precise obstacle avoidance.

Stable Operation
See Clearly, Walk Steadily

Modular, circular chassis design maximizes space utilization and enhances maneuverability. The chassis features a new torsion bar damping suspension system and has been fine-tuned with over 10,000 simulated tests for all-terrain adaptability. The robot is equipped with high-torque wheel hub motors and a directional indicator light located at the rear of the body to ensure smooth and safe operation in various indoor environments, even when delivering liquids.

Greater Capacity
50% Increase in Effective Payload

The single-layer tray can bear up to 15 kilograms, and the number of trays can be flexibly increased or decreased according to customer needs, supporting up to 4 layers of loading area.

Overtake Again
Save Time and Energy

Compared to the previous generation product, the battery life has increased by 64%. With 4 hours of charging, it can run for up to 16 hours.

More professional marketing and promotion modes.

Attract customers and promote sales, making Pro more professional


Proficient in customer acquisition, promotional activities, and signature dish recommendations for members. Supports both image and video formats, showcasing exquisite dishes and diverse advertising pages.

Motion recognition, actively welcoming guests

It has full-perception dynamic recognition capability, which can identify incoming guests in advance and actively greet them.

Upgraded customer seating arrangement

Where do you want to go? Follow me, I'll show you the way.

No matter where you want to go, whether it’s the front desk, a table, or the restroom, the Pro version of Zhaocai Leopard will lead the way. With intelligent voice command recognition, it can autonomously plan the optimal route and guide you there.

More Open
Hardware and Software Expandability

"Customizable Robot Platform"

Modular design of the fuselage allows for easier customization and both hardware and software modifications can be made according to customer needs, providing flexible adaptation to various scenarios.

Supports deep customer customization and secondary development based on the Android system.

The newly added standard USB-A interface and 12V standard DC power supply interface are designed for multi-scenario integration. The Lvx.Hunter Robot OS secondary development software ecosystem platform meets more expansion needs.

Worry-free after-sales service

One year of free operation training and technical support, with 7*24 hours online customer service support.

Product parameters

General parameters

Overall dimensions: 525mm×550mm×1375mm

Net weight:                47Kg

Product colors:          Pearl White + Elegant Black

Body material:          High-strength PC+ABS

Screen size:               14.1-inch 1080P Full HD display

Load carrying capacity

Load capacity:          3-layer tray/4-layer loading area

Single-layer load:    15Kg

Total load-bearing capacity: 3-layer 45kg – 4-layer 60kg (depending on the layout of the loading area)

Climbing capacity:    5° Movement speed: 0.5~1.2m/s (adjustable)

System performance

Hardware platform: Qualcomm 8-core chip + industrial-grade

MCU Operating system: RobotOS robot operating system based on customized Android 9.0

Navigation sensors: 2D LiDAR x1 + 3D depth visual sensors x3 + fisheye cameras x2 + infrared top-view camera x1 + odometer + inertial navigation unit x3

Mic array: 6-mic array for global reception and noise reduction, 360° sound source positioning, 5-meter reception range Battery life: 14~16 hours (depending on actual working conditions)

Positioning accuracy: centimeter-level

General parameters

Network support: 4G (supports TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE), WiFi supports 2.4G/5G

Charging method: Wired charging (standard), automatic docking charging (optional)

Charging time: 4 hours (wired charging adapter), 4.5 hours (docking charging)