Commercial cleaning robot


  • Multi-sensor tight fusion technology, unmanned level navigation and positioning
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, dexterous and unobstructed
  • Bow-shaped cleaning path design, non-repetitive, full coverage, precise welt cleaning
  • Mobile APP + remote scheduling dual system for rapid deployment and flexible use
  • Support autonomous elevator ride, multi-task cross-area cleaning
  • Scheduled appointment function, automatic cleaning, easy to use
  • Digital brushless, wet and dry motor, powerful cleaning power
  • Multiple obstacle avoidance, anti-collision, anti-drop design, accurate identification of the surrounding environment
  • Cleaning speed up to 0.8m/s, adjustable in multiple gears
  • Water tank, cleaning module, battery quick-release design, simplify work and facilitate maintenance
  • Large-scale laser mapping, to meet the use of large scenes
  • 1KW.h magazine-type replaceable battery, fast energy replenishment
  • Low battery automatic return to home charging, breakpoint continuous scanning, user permission verification and identity management
  • Intelligent reminder for equipment maintenance, failure and consumables replacement
About Project

Modular quick release design

  • Front pull-out fresh water tank for quick replenishment of fresh water

  • Top open lid for quick removal of the recovery tank for easy garbage disposal and cleaning

  • Magazine battery design for quick replacement when low battery

  • Pull-out cleaning module design makes maintenance and cleaning easier

Intelligence.Ally Technology

How it works

Bow font clean path design

Automatic full-coverage cleaning for a reasonable fit, with Accurate trimming for edge and corner areas Clean, ensure the standardization of cleaning operations, Quasi-controllable

Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance and Collision Avoidance System

3D multi-line laser+2D single-line laser+camera + Ultrasonic + Anti-drop sensor, multiple avoidance Barrier, anti-collision, anti-drop design, accurate recognition Different from the surrounding environment, stable and safe operation

Indoor and outdoor navigation and positioning

Based on 3D multi-line laser + vision + IMU + Odometer multi-sensor fusion navigation and positioning calculation law, the level of unmanned driving is safe and reliable

Intelligent motion control

Motion control based on deep reinforcement learning, It can be used in high-movement areas with dense crowds and large crowds. Ensuring the local flexibility of robots in a complex environment Live smoothly and globally unimpeded

Automatic return to home charging

Low battery automatically returns to the charging pile, when fully charged It can be washed continuously without manual intervention and re-washing Repeat work to ensure efficient and complete work

Digital monitoring to assist decision-making

Mobile APP + remote scheduling dual system deployment, Digital monitoring of the entire operation process, intelligent system Calculate and analyze robot operation data, assist optimization Chemical cleaning work plan

Product Specifications

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