Coffee Robot

Combining Technology with Tradition to Create New Retail Opportunities

Product Introduction

Different from the typical “robotic arm coffee machines”, the Smart Master is based on thousands of hours of dual-arm testing, precise movement refinement, and perfect replication of the brewing techniques of coffee masters, truly achieving “robotic” coffee-making. With the advantage of its biomimetic design, it quickly landed worldwide and became a stunning attraction in exhibition halls, retail stores, smart campuses, and other settings

Smart Coffee Accessories

  1. Premium Single Head Coffee Grinder
  2. Operation Desk Surface (White Wax Wood)
  3. Beverage Making System for Operation Desk
  4. Specialized Containers
  5. Premium Coffee Bean Set

Featured Functions

Stability in the Sub-Millimeter Range, Winning by a Hair's Breadth

After thousands of hours of dual-arm testing, the Smart Master uses integrated harmonic reducers and brushless DC motors, with extremely high repeatability in positioning accuracy, accurately replicating the manual brewing actions of the Archimedes curve, spiral pouring, and others. Resetting errors can be accurate to within 0.1mm. It can automatically complete the entire brewing process, reproducing every movement of a coffee master and ensuring the quality of every cup of hand-brewed coffee.

"Triple Human Efficiency" - "One Machine" Equals "One Store"

Your exclusive barista only takes up 3㎡, which is only 50% of the space required for a traditional storefront. It can work 7×24 hours with just electricity and automatically complete tasks such as grinding coffee beans, adding powder and water, professional three-stage brewing, and cleaning utensils. It can complete hundreds of cups of hand-brewed coffee in a single day.

multiple versions available for selection.

Multiple versions are available for selection according to the requirements of different scenarios, with optional extended features such as voice commentary and leisurely performances. Note: The customized version of the bar counter is designed by the customer themselves.

Multiple security protections provide greater peace of mind.

The perfect collision detection mechanism of the robotic arm is installed to immediately stop operation upon collision and prevent further damage. An electronic safety boundary is also set to limit the robotic arm’s movement within the Cartesian space, and dual emergency stop buttons are provided to stop the operation instantly. With multiple safety measures in place, the use of the robotic arm is ensured to be safe.

Biomimetic appearance.

The bionic dual-arm robot features a pearl-white streamlined design that is friendly and approachable. The arms are made of piano baked paint and carbon fiber, providing both lightness and strength. The body shell is made of high-quality imported resin, which is lightweight, strong, and easy to clean. The desktop uses high-standard solid wood material for a luxurious and elegant look. The entire machine can be easily activated with a remote control, making it simple and user-friendly.

Comprehensive service to make customers more satisfied.

Our service covers dozens of cities nationwide, with installation and deployment times as low as 8 hours for immediate use. Our product comes with a 1-year warranty and 2-year maintenance plan, with customizable extended warranty services available to ensure peace of mind.

Applicable scenes

Product Parameters - Smart Coffee Master

Standard Edition

Brewing Mode: Classic Hand Drip

Beverage Type: Hot Coffee

Cup Output Speed*: 3 minutes

Single Serving Size: 300ml

Cup Output Method: Glass Carafe

Ordering Method: Remote Control

Automatic Filter Cleaning: Supported

Grinder: Upgraded Single-Head Grinder (Quantitative Grinding, Anti-Static)

Applicable Venue: Indoor

Size (LWH): 2500X1200X1900mm

Weight: Approximately 350kg

Water Supply Method: Bottled Drinking Water

Rated Voltage: AC 220V

Rated Power: 4600W

Bar Counter Custom Edition

Brewing Mode: Classic Hand Drip

Drink type: Hot coffee

Cup speed*: 3 minutes

Single serving size: 300ml

Cup type: Glass sharing pot

Ordering method: Remote control

Automatic cleaning of filter cup: Supported

Grinder: Upgraded single-head grinder (quantitative grinding, anti-static)

Applicable venue: Indoor

Size (LWH): 2500X1200X1900mm

Weight: Depending on actual situation

Water supply method: Barrel drinking water

Rated voltage: AC 220V

Rated power: 4600W

Self-service Edition

Brewing Mode: Classic Hand Drip

Drink Types: Hot Coffee/Iced Coffee

Cup Dispensing Speed*: Hot Drinks – 3 minutes, Iced Drinks – 2 minutes

Single Serving Size: Hot Drinks – 300ml, Iced Drinks – 160ml*

Cup Dispensing Method: Disposable Paper Cups (12oz/16oz)

Ordering Method: NFC Touchless Trigger

Payment Method: WeChat Pay/Alipay QR Code Scanning

Automatic Filter Cleaning: Supported

Automatic Filter Paper Dispensing: Supported

Grinder: Upgraded Single-head Grinder (Quantitative Grinding, Static Electricity Removal)

Audio Guide: Supported

Applicable Venues: Indoor

Size (LWH): 2500X1200X1900mm

Weight: Approximately 350kg

Water Supply Method: Bottled Drinking Water

Rated Voltage: AC 220V

Rated Power: 4600W

Bonus: Self-service Vending Cabinet

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