• Highly accurate infrared temperature measurement module to within +- 0.3C from a range of 0.5 to 3 M. Multi angle measurement.

  • Contactless measurement with temperature reading broadcast with high temperature alert and memory

  • Real image and thermal display

  • Multi-sensors for smooth operation

  • Temperature measurement for one or three person(s) simultaneously

  • Microphone Matrix for long distant voice recognition

  • 10.1 inches HD screen

  • Support Wi-Fi and 4G connection

  • Dedicated Apps for operation

  • Cloud management for robot control by administrator

  • Autonomous charging through dedicate docking

  • 360 degree radar collision protection

  • Chassis with suspension for uneven surface

  • Lidar navigation(option)

  • High Fidelity speaker system with subwoofer

  • Customer service can interact with customer through video conferencing

  •  Question and answer for product promotion or business related matters

派寶機械人 X1

User-friendly Design

High-precision High-precision & real-time infrared temperature measurement infrared temperature measurement

Voice alarm

Automatic charging.

Automatically return to charging dock when low power

Autonomous Navigation, Autonomous Missions

It can accurately locate the map, dynamically perceive the surrounding environment information, and plan the optimal path

Anti-collision and anti-fall, 360 degree protection

Ultrasonic sensor, infrared sensor emergency stop button, anti-collision and anti-fall safety is the first priority at any time

Head up, head down, flexible head

The head can be flexibly raised up and down

Wheeled suspension chassis, high passability on uneven ground,

Or robots with a 2 cm small threshold can pass easily and smoothly

  • Size (W*H*L) 40*115*38cm
  • Robot net weight 15KG
  • Supported network types WIFI/Full Netcom 4G
  • screen size 10.1 inches
  • Battery 20000mAh
  • charging time 9 hours
  • excercise time 10 hours
  • Automatic charging function support

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