• Autonomous navigation and route planning

  • Elevator control compatible

  • Contact customer through phone, message for collection of goods

  • QR code for customer to unlock door for goods collection securely

  • Dual cabins for multi-floor multi room service

  • Auto-slide open door for collection

  • Autonomous charging through dedicate docking

  • 360 degree radar collision protection

  • 10.1 inches HD screen

  • Support Wi-Fi and 4G connection

  • Dedicated Apps for operation

  • Chassis with suspension for uneven surface

  • 10 hours operation time


Office property, takeaway, documents, express delivery

delivery item

The robot arrives at the designated floor and exits the elevator to the designated position.

Notice to receive

The robot makes a call to the recipient, and the voice prompts the recipient.

pick up items

The recipient takes out his mobile phone, shows the QR code to the robot to scan it, and the robot automatically pops open, and the recipient takes out the item.

  • Net weight: 40KG
  • Supported network types WIFI/Full Netcom 4G
  • Screen size 10.1
  • Battery 12800mAh
  • Charging limit voltage 25.9V
  • Excercise time 10 hours
  • Automatic charging function support

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