Epidemic prevention and disinfection


  • Ultrasonic atomization of disinfectant for disinfection

  • Fully autonomous operation and obstacle avoidance

  • Task scheduling via APP

  • Remote monitoring via APP

  • Real-time face mask detection

  • Autonomous charging

  • Optional: Turnstile control with controller installed

  • Optional: Cross-floor disinfection with Intelligent elevator control*

  • *To be installed by certified lift technician.

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Application scenes

  • Disinfection in large areas, all-round coverage

  • Suitable for office, hospital, shopping mall etc.

  • Cross-floor disinfection

  • Without human intervention, reduce the risk of infection

  • Scheduled tasks automatically, reduce operation cost

Hardware Parameters
Software Parameters
Indoor autonomous navigation
Support, build indoor maps
Perform tasks across floors
Support, the robot cooperates with the optional elevator control module, and can go to the designated target point on the designated floor to perform the disinfection task
Schedule tasks
Can set timing and fixed point to perform disinfection tasks
Elevator interaction
Optional (need to install elevator control module) The elevator position can be set on the map The elevator can be called by remote control and the designated floor can be called The robot can enter and exit the elevator autonomously
Elevator type
Support single door / double door elevator type Support high and low floor transfer elevators
Access control interaction
Optional (need to install access control interactive module) Pedestrian passage gate/electric sliding door/electric gate
Cloud platform
Support, the robot interaction settings, motion parameters and navigation routes can be set through the cloud
Automatic charging
Support, when the power of the robot is low, it can automatically return to the charging point, automatically find the charging base and charge it. After the robot completes the disinfection task, it will automatically return to the charging point to charge
Smart man-machine dialogue
Optional, the user can set up a custom question and answer library in advance; after the user wakes up the robot with voice, he can interact with the robot, and the robot matches the preset answer according to the keyword and speaks it out

Humanized design

A variety of options, efficient disinfection

Optional different nozzles meet different needs

Automatic charging

Automatically returns to the charging dock when the task accomplished

Anti-collision and anti-fall, 360 degree protection

Ultrasonic Sensors, Infrared Sensors, Intelligent obstacle avoidance during disinfection Emergency stop button, safety guarantee

Wheeled obstacle avoidance chassis

high passability Movement is fast, smooth and fluid

Intelligent elevator control, cross-floor disinfection

The installation of lift controller module is to be carried out by certified lift technician.

Remote monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the robot's own status and task execution status to ensure stable operation. Make epidemic prevention higher Efficient, Safer, Smarter

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